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Meet Launa.


She is simply complex. An ever-evolving woman, full of wonder.

She plays the role of Birth Doula, Early Pregnancy and Childbirth Educator, Reproductive & Holistic Health Mentor, Shame Warrior, Community Builder and Mother of a free-spirited and compassionate child.

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Her most burning passion is to share the many ways science and emotion intertwine in the human form, and how this all presents itself during pregnancy and birth.

Yea, it is deep, but she explains it simply.


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Launa has learned that leading a balanced and HAPPY life comes from understanding fully the impact of food, environment and relationships on a person’s emotional and physical wellness.

To be both physically well and emotionally at ease, one must pay attention to and strive to create the environment in which they as an individual can not only survive but thrive.



She’s here to help you blossom into the most amazing and beautiful you that is possible…. as simply as possible.

Zen Pregnancy & Birth

My birth related services provide education, ongoing support and insight into your journey through pregnancy, birth and as a mother.

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Zen Lifestyle

Being present and in unity with every moment is the basis of Zen. Start here to begin living your life effortlessly in balance and harmony with your surroundings.

Zen Lifestyle

Zen Home and Health

Start here to keep your modern family home lively and vibrant, with holistically healthy choices that inspire love, growth and creativity.

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